Liberty Petroleum Corporation partners with industry giants in oil and gas exploration and production.
Karoon Gas has over 50 years of Geological/Geophysical experience discovering CSG, Oil and Gas in commercial quantities.
Cooper Energy is primarily focussed on exploration and production in the Cooper and Eromanga basins in central Australia.
Nexus Energy is a Melbourne based Company with principal activity in oil and gas exploration and production.
Apache Corporation is a leading independent oil and gas exploration and development company.
ConocoPhillips is known worldwide for its expertise in deepwater exploration, production, and resevoir management.
Stuart Petroleum is the largest junior oil producer in the South Australian Cooper Basin.
SUNDANCE energy is focused on large, repeatable resource plays from uncoventional oil and gas formations.
Santos is Australia's largest domestic gas producer, supplying sales gas to all of Australia, and oil and liquids to domestic and international customers.

Partner with Liberty Petroleum Corporation.
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