Project Example: BHPB farmed into one of Liberty 's off-shore blocks with a two well drilling commitment. VIC/P45 is a 215,000-acre block, adjoining the prolific King Fish Field operated by BHPB/ESSO. The King Fish has produced more than one billion barrels of oil to date.
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19 July 2013
Ongoing greater Poseidon Discovery (3-15 TCF) Development Highlights

PetroChina and ConocoPhillips enter into agreements for a 20% interest in Poseidon

Zephyros-1 would be expected to flow at similar, tubing constrained, rates to Kronos-1.

Boreas-1 location have the potential to flow at commercial rates in excess of 100MMscf/d.

Kronos-1 location have the potential to flow at commercial rates in excess of 100 MMscf/d.

Poseidon-2 Discovered a new Montara Formation gas reservoir.

POSEIDON-1 EXPLORATION WELL IN WA-315-P - Karoon’s analysis of seismic and well results to date indicate the contingent resource discovered in this well is likely to be consistent with or exceed Karoon’s pre drill prospective resource range (P10-15 TCF, P50-7 TCF and P90-3 TCF).

21 Sept 2012
WA-482 - Block granted to Liberty (2.8 Billion Barrel potential) - 3MM+ ACRES...

Mar 2013
L-5-12 - Liberty chosen selected explorer - 5MM + ACRES

•Liberty chosen as selected explorer March 2013. This block contains over 5MM acres with conventional and non-conventional resources that are very large in scope.

•Current status: Native Title negotiations / Farm-in negotiations

Liberty Petroleum Corporation searches the globe for world-class petroleum prospects. Once evaluated, we team up with world-class operators to develop them. This way we can expedite the investor return and do what we do best…hunt giants.

Lane Franks, President
Liberty Petroleum Corporation works with world-class farm-in partners.
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